Quality and Environment

Axus Gondolas ® complies with international standards. EN1808
We have the certificate of the European Community UNE-EN safety standard for suspended platforms variable under design criteria, construction and stability.

Within the philosophy of our principal company occupies an important place of environmental protection, in turn all our designs are studied assessing the possible environmental impact. For this reason we can generate waste that are sent and / or collected by authorized companies for recycling.
This same philosophy is transmitted to all the partners who in turn apply the same mentality worldwide

Policy Occupational Risk Prevention

Axus Gondolas ® has a service for the Prevention of labour risks and a safety plan through one of the best companies at worldwide level.

Although since we at Axus Gondolas ® are always concerned about safety and for that reason we work on all installations that we make to the development of the Safety Plan and Risk Prevention, which has to be designed to raise awareness, both middle managers and workers themselves, whether these belong to SKYGONDOLA, or subcontracted by us to perform any installation activity, the absolute necessity of paying full attention to the prevention of workplace hazards.

For this purpose, and pretending all the time reduce risk situations to a minimum, workers are identified within the plan of the company own the most common risks associated with the work to be performed, and the measures taken to prevent and personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used.

Our Partners